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BHAKTI FLOW CIRCLE @ Bristol City Yoga

Autumn 2019, date TBC

A night to squeeze out the tension, mellow out the mind, & open the heart; from the individual to the immensity, shine out & connect.

Slow, strong Anusara-Inspired flow, closing with a Sound Meditation relaxation with 21 Tibetan Bowls. For the second half of the evening, we will open our hearts & voices to co-create together, chanting the Divine names (Kirtan). For more information please contact me.

Move GB available

'Yoga & Ayurveda' Retreat

@ Gayles Retreat Centre, South Downs, UK

Spring 2020

5 days in the raw of the South Downs, to reconnect & turn inwards. Through the combined practises of strong, slow flow yoga, meditation & chanting, as well as discussions & practises of the Science of Ayurveda, we will learn to adapt our practise, our lives & our diets according to the environment, the seasons, & the reflections of the ebbs & flows of life within our own individual constitutions. Open your mind to this ancient intelligence, Yoga's sister Science, to truly embody your practise & find greater balance across your life.  Just at the time of year when you find yourself wanting to run to warmer places, immerse in ancient knowledge about how to find balance exactly where you are.

This is a fully residential retreat because this is the best way to begin to embrace what may be new and potentially challenging changes in your way of living and diet. Fear not, you can always return to your old habits, if you want to, after these 5 days!  It took me a whole month of living and breathing these ideas and this lifestyle, on an Ayurvedic training in an ashram, to start to ungrit my teeth and embrace a different way, a gentler way, and a deeply more intelligent way. One that I could not ignore because I finally found balance in my digestion, and so in my body, my mind, and my relationships.....and so the list goes on. Simply by presenting our minds with ideas that have sprung from the same source as Yoga (from the Vedas, the ancient texts), we can see the ripples of health & happiness vibrate from our deepest inner being out into the world.

You may find, from your own experience here, that seeds of change are planted about how to use some simple principles & tools to live more simply in harmony with what you have been given in this life, and with your environment.

Please contact me for prices & booking. Early bird discounts available.